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Lets face it now days it's a job when you are looking to ad a new puppy to your family. You are not only making a lifetime comment to the new puppy but also a financial one. With the increase in vet care, pet food, and of course the upfront fee to adopt the puppy or buy the puppy. This puppy could cost you thousands of dollars throughout his/ lifetime.

When it comes to finding your new puppy there are many ways to do this. I will tell you about a few of the ways you can see puppies for sale.

1. The pet store

The first way is to go to the pet store and see the puppies for sale. I would NEVER recommend buying a puppy

at the pet store. You may ask why? You never know how the puppies are raised. If there are any type of health issues in the parent dogs, and if there will be health issues in the puppy. If you did have a health issue how do you let the breeder know. You don't get the breeder information or find out any thing about their breeding program.

 In our opinion most puppy store puppies come from large breeding facilities where they don't care for the animal, but just to produce any puppy at any cost. The pet store is a good place to go see puppies for sale and maybe determine the breed you want. Please remember not all the puppies for sale in the pet store look like the breed they are.


2. The news paper  

 The second place you can look is in the local news papers. You must remember any one can have a litter of puppies to post for sale, that dose not make them a good breeder. When looking at puppies for sale locally go see mom and dad, do they look like the breed they should be? Has the breeder had the mom and dad seen by a local vet? How old are the parents? How many litters has the mom had? Have any of the past puppies from the parents had any health issues? Are the puppies registered? If so with what registry and why. If you are buying a puppy locally, ask to see past puppies that the parents have had. The breeder should have the contact information on the buyers. See if one of their past buyer will meet you some where like maybe the vets office, dog park so you can see them. Have they had any health issues? Do they give a written health warranty? If so for how long and why.

3. The internet

Now this is the scariest place to see puppies for sale. After all you will most likely NOT see the puppy before you pay for him/her. About  90% of the time you don't see the puppy until you pick them up at the air port. There many online breeders that have puppies for sale When a breeder has puppies for sale there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

 First and foremost do they own a kennel or do they raise their puppies in their home. You may ask your self what is the difference. Well that depends on the kennel set up. Generally if some one is running a very small kennel the puppies will be very well socialized, and not scared of you. But the puppies still can have some issues. If some one is running a big kennel the puppies can be timid, scared of you or even everyday sounds that you would hear in a home. Generally home raised puppies are use to all the sounds a home can have and the puppies tend to be more socialized. If you decide to adopt your new puppy from the internet you can take steps to make sure you do NOT get ripped off. Here are a few steps you can take. Talk to the breeder several times before paying a deposit. Take your time, if the breeder is in a rush to sale you the dog step away. You are making a lifetime comment and it is not one to be made on impulse. See several photos of the puppy. Talk to past puppy parents of the breeders, talk to the breeders vet.

Here are some questions to ask a breeder:

How long has the breeder been breeding?

How many years have they been breeding the breed your interested in

Do they do any type of testing on the parents

Do they give a written health warranty.

Have they ever had any health issues when it comes to breeding

If so what did they do?

What do they do with their retired dogs?

 A little About Us

 To breed Puppies For Sale, is our goal and passion but while doing this we Breed For Excellence.

 We say our puppies are for adoption instead of sale, because we care where they go. We offer Puppies that are TOP Quality from an educated puppy breeder. We have spend many years, attending pet social groups, class, seminars, to keep up with breeding issues. By doing this it allows us to become the best breeder we can. We are very picky where our puppies go. So we say puppies for adoption instead of puppies for sale. When it comes to our shorkie puppies we have what is referred to as the The Official Shorkie's. Our puppies are home raised and very pre-spoilt.


We personally breed what some breeders call Zuchon puppies, shichon pups some even call them teddy bear pups. We can them Fuzzywuzzies. We do 2 litters a year of yorkie pups, then we also do our little shorkie puppies.

We very proud to be a member of the Shorkie Club Of America.

 we have pups for sale, and puppy information , we offer information about zuchon puppies



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