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 BABY BOY !!!!!!

Date: 12/30/2007 3:14:13 AM
Subject: Happy Holidays from California!
Happy Holidays Cindy,
I hope you and your family have had a great holiday. I see you are busy with more beautiful babies! I have been on your website, because many of our friends and neighbors threaten to steal our Nick! He is so adorable and loving. He has stolen everyone's heart.
"My youngest son thanks me EVERYDAY for his puppy. He tells me, "Mom, I love my Nicky!" His brother and sister love their puppy as well."Nick went to the vet on the day after his arrival for a checkup and got his first shots this week. He was such a good boy for both appointments. I will fax you the paperwork this weekend. 
You have raised some beautiful, loving puppies!! We love our Nick.
I've forwarded your webiste to many friends and neighbors, you should get more inquiries from Folsom soon. Maybe your mom can get a trip back to California soon. :)
Have a safe and joyous New Year!!


 LYN LANA  & FAMILY CA  !!!!!!

Date: 12/23/2007 4:37:01 PM
Subject: Lyn
Hi Cindy,
As I spoke with you after picking Lyn (Shanti) up at the airport she appears to be adjusting well to the new environment and is a very loving puppy.  We are pleased with her.  I am also mailing you the copy of the vet exam which occurred on the 18th after we picked her up from the airport.  I just reread today the warranty and realized that I bought her heart guard (4 months worth) from the vet and you can clearly see where there is charge for it on the exam papers.  I'm hoping this does not void my warranty and I will in the future purchase it from Nu vet per your instructions.  Is that ok?  Also I will fax you a copy of the exam as well as mail it if you email me your fax number.
Happy Holidays,
Lana Smith




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